About Us

OZUBULU-USA, INC. is a membership associations open to all Ozubulu indigenes resident in the USA or any individual who can trace his or her linage to Ozubulu town.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote and encourage Ozubulu culture and traditions among members and the American community at large
  2. To promote unity, cooperation and social interaction among members of the association and the American community
  3. To identify, initiate and participate in progressive programs to improve the welfare and economy of Ozubulu people at home and abroad.
  4. To identify, initiate and participate in charitable programs for the benefit of the needy, wherever they may be.


OZUBULU-USA, INC. will be participating in the following projects in the coming years:

  1. Academic Scholarship to less privilege in the society most especially the poor and needy within the Ozubulu community in the USA and Ozubulu indigenes at large.
  2. Building and equipping a modern library in Ozubulu town.
  3. Medical Mission to Ozubulu town
  4. Any other project that will be beneficial to the development and improvement of Umu-Ozubulu both in USA and home town.