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His Royal Highness
Igwe Nnamdi
Fidelis Oruche

Ezeugodinobi, Okife II The Obi of Ozubulu
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Ozubulu-USA Medical MISSION

At Ozubulu

January 2-3 2020.

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Welcome to OZUBULU-USA, INC.

OZUBULU-USA, INC. is a charity organization built with cultural pride for the Ozubulu heritage. We are a welfare association composed of members from Ozubulu people who are now residents in the United States of America.

Our organization is a nonprofit civic entity pursing independent, non-religious projects that will benefit the disadvantaged and impoverished families in our home town. We shall turn the wheels of various progressive programs that will promote better living conditions for our Ozubulu brothers and sisters both here in the USA and our home town Ozubulu. We shall accomplish this by amassing funds, donations in kind and the spirit of volunteerism to fulfill our projects. See our PROJECTS.

Please read more about the History of OZUBULU-USA, INC.


OZUBULU-USA, INC. is committed to building a charitable, cultural and welfare association of Ozubulu people resident in the United States of America through community interactions for the development and improvement of the less privileged in the society, ourselves, and Ozubulu people at home and in Diaspora.
About Us

Godfrey Echendu National President

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