Ozubulu-USA Medical Mission


The Ozubulu-USA Medical Mission conducted at Ozubulu Joint Hospital from January 2 to 4, 2018 in the town of Ozubulu in Anambra State, Nigeria was timely-a labor of love and a resounding success. The people desperately needed and craved this type of medical intervention.

Over half a million dollars worth of medications and supplies were donated by Americares USA and close to a million naira worth of medications were sourced from Nigeria.

Dr. O’Key Sams of the Sammarian Medical Group was our Chief Medical Officer in charge of the mission while Dr. Bernard Okwelogu and Dr. Jerry Okolo were the pharmacists in charge of the mission.

Engr. Mike Ukaigwe and Lady Doris Anyadoh were in charge of security and crowd control. Dr. Tina Ukaigwe volunteered in the pharmacy. Prof NT Izuchi and Chief Okey Izuchi assisted with logistics. Prof. Ernest Nwachukwu performed oversight and accountability functions in dispensing eyeglasses.

Our surgeon, Dr. Onyejiaka of the Suncel Health Foundation, performed ten different types of surgery for hernias, fibroids (myomectomy), and lipoma in three days. Nine eye doctors (optometrists) also participated, and lots of patients (over 600) benefited by receiving eyeglasses.

The overall patient population seen was over 1500 according to eight medical doctors, including Modesto-based Dr. Emeka Anago from Nene.

Tennurses from NnamdiAzikiwe UniversityTeachingHospital, Nnewivolunteered to perform triage functions, record vital signs and assist the medical doctors. The nurses from Ozubulu Joint Hospital and their compassionate Matron, Therese Martins, were assigned to varied functions and duties.

Judith Amarachukwu Okwelogu, RN, served meritoriously in the pharmacy. Dr. Martin Ifeanyichukwu, an accomplished Medical Laboratory Scientist/Immunologist from the Nnewi Teaching Hospital Laboratory Department, ran and coordinated the laboratory activities.

Our able and amiable president, Mr. Godfrey Echendu, a Medical Laboratory Scientist and public health consultant, along with his sister, Nonye Mabel Echendu Nweze, anchored the lab functions and different tests.

The following lab tests were performed during the mission:

  • Blood Group
  • Genotype
  • HIV Test
  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Urine Glucose
  • Hemoglobin estimation (blood Level)
  • Malaria Parasite Test
  • Typhoid Test, among others

The pharmacy was very busy and accurately, efficiently and safely dispensed lots of medications. Close to ten volunteers served in the pharmacy under the pharmacist-in-charge, Dr. Jerry Okolo. All the medical professionals who served in this medical mission have the requisite certifications and licenses to perform their functions.

Some patients’ conditions were so acute and severe that we could not in clear conscience allow them to go home like that. They had to be admitted to the hospital to be stabilized.

One patient’s blood sugar test was so high, our glucometer could not read it. The patient had to be admitted and placed on an insulin drip.

Another patient had blood pressure so high, she was about to have a stroke. That patient was admitted and placed on fast-acting anti-hypertensive medications to quickly lower the blood pressure.

A very sick and dehydrated child was also admitted to the hospital. Ozubulu-USA, Inc. paid for the continuing care of all hospital admissions.

The mission was strictly on “first come first serve” basis. All patients were seen irrespective of their town of origin. Hypertension, diabetes arthritis, eye problems, infections, dermatosis, malnutrition, and dehydration were the common diseases and conditions encountered at Ozubulu.

The crowd displayed palpable joy and appreciation (bursting into songs of praise, appreciation, and grace) for the mission team, especially the elderly woman who danced upon receiving her eyeglasses and being able to see clearly again.

The New Police DPO of Ozubulu, in partnership with Ozubulu vigilante services, provided adequate security throughout the mission.

Left-over medications were donated to the ever-appreciative and caring Matron of Joint Hospital to use in patients’ follow-up care.

The January 2-4, 2018 Ozubulu-USA Medical Mission to Ozubulu was a resounding success and the best (in scope and coverage) medical mission ever at Ozubulu. To God be the Glory!

Please go to the Ozubulu-USA website and Whatsapp group to view video documentaries of this medical mission as captured and compiled by Chief Dr. Bernard Okwelogu.

Thanks be to God always for the journey, mercies, and safety of all the medical mission participants.

It has been an honor and a rare privilege to service Ndi Ozubulu and humanity. We always welcome the opportunity to give back to our beloved Ozubulu town that raised us so well.

Chief Dr. Bernard Okwelogu
Kpakpando Ozubulu
“Shine in Your Community and Generation”
Chairman, Ozubulu USA Medical Mission
January 2018