History of Ozubulu-USA

OZUBULU-USA, INC. is a Charitable, cultural and welfare association which derived its members from Ozubulu people resident in the United States of America. The association is a nonprofit civic entity pursing independent, non-religious cause.

Ozubulu is a town in Anambara State of Nigeria. It is the headquarters of Ekwusigo Local Government Area which is one of the Local Government in Anambra State. Ozubulu is quite substantial in population. The population estimate is above two hundred and twenty five thousand people but due to the unprecedented influx of people into Ozubulu as resident, since Ozubulu became the headquarter of Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, the present population should be well above five Hundred Thousand by moderate estimation.

Ozubulu has four quarters: Amakwa,Egbema, Eziora and Nza in that order. Each quarter has its obi with Amakwa as the quarter vested with the production of the Obi of Ozubulu. The Obi is the central head of Ozubulu town. The Obi Ozubulu rules with the help of the Obi-in-council which is an advisory council consisting of Ndi-Ichie, Ndi- Agbalanze, and Honorary chiefs that helps in formulation of the by-laws of the town.


The OZUBULU-USA, INC. was formed on July 5th 2014 after the gathering of all Ozubulu indigenes resident in the USA in Atlanta. During the gathering, they decided to have an umbrella organization that will provide a forum to interact for the development and improvement of Ozubulu town.Subsequently the name of the new association was chosen and a caretaker committee was appointed to nurture the association for a period of one year during which a constitution will be drafted and election into the board of directors conducted.

On July 4th 2015 during the Huston Convention the constitution was adopted and election into the board of directors was also conducted.